Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyer Placed at MMI

Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyer Placed at MMI: You suffered a job injury, reported it to your employer and began receiving your workers compensation benefits. Now, after months of treatment, your treating physician has placed you at MMI (maximum medical improvement); What now?

The first thing you should know is that your right to temporary total disability benefits (ttd) will automatically cease. This is because the doctor is saying that any disability you now have is permanent, and therefore if you have a permanent injury, you would be entitled to permanent partial impairment (ppi) benefits or permanent total disability (ptd) benefits.

However, just because one doctor states there is nothing further to be done which can reasonably be expected to improve you condition does mean that this is true. Many times over the years we have had a client placed a maximum medical improvement by a company doctor, yet our client insists that something is still wrong. In these circumstances, if you have not yet used your right to a Panel of Four, you may still exercise said right and request a new doctor to take a look at you. It is not uncommon for another doctor to examine the injured worker and opine that further treatment (including surgery) is needed. If this happens, then your right to ttd benefits will resume until you are again placed at mmi.

Once you do reach maximum medical improvement, then it is time to find out if you have sustained a permanent injury. If you have, then you are entitled to monetary compensation for said permanent injury and you are also entitled to lifetime future medical treatment for said injury. How much depends on the fact of each independent case.

If you work in Huntsville, Alabama (or anywhere in the Madison County area*), you have suffered a job injury and you have questions about your rights under the Alabama Workers Compensation laws, don't hesitate to contact the experienced Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyers at POWELL AND DENNY. We will work hard to help you achieve the best result possible in your case.

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Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyer Placed at MMI