Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyer Employer cannot accommodate restrictions

Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyer Employer cannot accommodate restrictions. You have suffered a job injury, you have informed your employer of this fact and you are now receiving your workers compensation benefits, including our right to medical treatment. Typically, if you have suffered a serious injury, the treating physician will give you physical restrictions and inform you that if your employer can accommodate these restrictions, you can try to go back to work. What happens when your employer informs you that they cannot accommodate your work restrictions?

If you are unable to perform your job duties and your employer cannot (or will not) accommodate your physical restrictions, then you are entitled to temporary total disability benefits (ttd) after missing three days at work (if you miss more than 21 days, you are entitled to ttd covering the initial 3 days). TTD benefits are 2/3rd of your average weekly wage and are payable to you during the time of your recovery while you can't work or until your employer can accommodate your restrictions. Temporary total disability benefits are payable only during your recovery period. Once you reach maximum medical improvement (mmi), the question is whether you have suffered a permanent injury. If you have, then you are entitled to monetary compensation for the extent of your permanent injury, with the right to live time medical treatment for said injuries.

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Huntsville Workers Comp Lawyer Employer cannot accommodate restrictions