Birmingham Job Injury Lawyer What Are My Rights Medical Treatment Denied

Birmingham Job Injury Lawyer What Are My Rights When my Medical Treatment Denied? Since the economic downturn began a few years ago, our attorneys have noticed that medical treatment which has been requested from the injured worker's treating physician is being denied more and more. MRIs are now routinely denied, and getting a surgery authorized can be a battle. In our opinion, the problem does not lie with the recommended medical treatment; rather, it lies with the fact the workers compensation insurance carrier simply does not want to pay for the reasonably necessary medical treatment recommended by the treating physician.

Under the Alabama Workers Compensation system, the defendant must pay for any and all reasonably necessary medical treatment, but the comp carrier is allowed to have an utilization review performed by a doctor they pay; this doctor gives an opinion as to whether they believe the recommended treatment is reasonably necessary. Not surprisingly, often these doctors are hired guns whose sole purpose it to argue that the treatment recommended by your treating doctor (who has actually seen you and provided medical treatment) is not needed. This decision is rarely upheld by a judge-in fact, we do not know of a single instance where a surgery or MRI recommended by a treating physician has been denied by the trial court, but it takes an attorney forcing the issue to get the treatment authorized so you can receive the treatment which is best for you.

If you work in the Metro Birmingham area* and the medical treatment your treating physician has ordered has been denied by the workers comp carrier, don't give up! Contact the experienced Birmingham Job Injury Lawyers at POWELL AND DENNY.

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Birmingham Job Injury Lawyer What Are My Rights Medical Treatment Denied

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