Birmingham Job Injury Lawyer What Are My Rights I am Totally Disabled

Birmingham Job Injury Lawyer What Are My Rights if I am Totally Disabled as the result of my job injury? First off, being totally disabled or permanently disabled does not mean that you are totally helpless. Being totally disabled under the Alabama Workers Compensation system means that, as the result of your job injury, you are no longer capable of performing your job duties and unable to perform other reasonable gainful employment (i.e. work that the worker is suited for given their previously obtained job skills, rate of pay, education, age and education).

For instance, if you have less than a high school education, are getting up in years and have done physically demanding work your entire life, a job injury which prohibits you from doing physical labor may mean that you are totally disabled for workers compensation purposes. If as the result of a job injury, you have suffered mental problems which prevent you from being able to work at a full time level, you would be entitled to permanent disability benefits. If the medication you have to take as the result of a job injury prohibits you from working on a sustained basis, then you would also be entitled to total disability benefits.

Permanent disability benefits entitle you to draw your temporary total disability check (2/3rd of your average weekly wage) for the rest of your life or until your condition improved to the extent you are no longer totally disabled. In addition, workers comp would remain liable for all of your related reasonably necessary medical treatment.

Moreover, if your injury is serious enough to warrant permanent total disability benefits, you may also be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. In such a situation, it is vitally important to have the assistance of an attorney who has experience handling workers compensation and disability claims, as any settlement you agree to can have long lasting effects on any Social Security disability benefits you may be entitled to. In these cases, it is important to have an experienced Birmingham Job Injury and Disability lawyer representing your best interests.

If you work in the Metro Birmingham AL area* and you believe that you are permanently totally disabled as the result of your job injury, contact an attorney with experience handling both workers compensation and social security disability claims, contact Powell and Denny.

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Birmingham Job Injury Lawyer What Are My Rights I am Totally Disabled

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