Alabama Disability Attorney HOOVER Herniated Disk

Alabama Disability Attorney HOOVER: A herniated disc (also called a herniated nucleus pulposus, disc protrusion, disc extrusion, a slipped disc, a ruptured disc, a pinched nerve and sometimes misdiagnosed as a disc bulge) refers to the situation where the cushions between the bones of your spinal cord, or the vertebrae themselves, are damaged due to injury or disease, causing the disc to be squeezed out from beneath the vetebraes. Many people have herniated disks, but do not experience any symptoms (they are asymptomatic), this is because the extruded disc material has not yet come into contact with the nerves running down your spine. When the disc contacts a nerve, pain ensues. Depending on what level your herniation is located (cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine), pain can run down your right or left arm, right or left leg, can effect your hands, feet, fingers, toes and can cause numbness as well.

Generally, a herniated disc (be it cervical, thoracic or lumbar) is caused by either (1) degenerative disc disease or (2) a traumatic injury.

Due to how your herniated disk occurred, you may have a workers compensation claim and you may also have a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Concerning a claim for Social Security Disability benefits related to a herniated disc, a claimant must be able to show that they have a disk herniation where the spinal cord nerves are impinged, causing pain and limitation of motion of the spine, motor loss accompanied by reflex loss. If you have had surgery to correct a herniated disc, you will still be entitled to disability benefits if afterwards the surgery your symptoms have not improved.

If you live in Hoover, AL (or anywhere in Jefferson County) and have been diagnosed as suffering with the effects of a herniated disk and you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits or SSI benefits, don't give up; contact the experienced Alabama Disability attorneys at Powell and Denny today.

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Alabama Disability Attorney HOOVER Herniated Disk