Sylacauga Social Security Disability Attorney Bipolar Disorder

If you live in Sylacauga, Alabama, or anywhere else Talladega County*, and you suffer from bipolar disorder/manic depression but have been denied Social Security Disability or SSI benefits, don't give up; call an experienced Alabama Social Security Disability attorney for help appealing your claim for disability benefits.

Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) is a serious medical condition which can, and often does, prevent a person from holding down a full time job or engaging in substantial gainful activity. Person's suffering from bipolar disorder experience severe mood swings; from periods of crushing depression in which getting out of bed to be around others can be an excruciating task, to times in which the person experiences manic highs in which nothing seems impossible and the person jumps from one excited idea to another without ever finishing a task. As severe as the depression can be, often persons suffering from manic depression do not like taking medication for their condition because the manic highs are so enthralling, but when questioned, they generally all say that during their highs they often engage in dangerous activities without regard for the consequences and that during this period it is hard for others to be around them.

When filing for Social Security Disability benefits due to the effects of manic depression, it is vital to have a well documented mental health history. In many situations the person suffering from bipolar disorder/manic depression has been without a job and does not have insurance. In these cases, it is important that the person has availed themselves to any free or discounted medical care available to them in the region in which they live; it takes a medical professional to diagnosis bipolar disorder.

If you live in Sylacauga, Vincent, or anywhere in Talladega County, Alabama, and you suffer with bipolar disorder, you don't have to deal with Social Security alone. Contact the experienced Alabama Social Security Disability Attorneys at Powell and Denny

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Sylacauga Social Security Disability Attorney Bipolar Disorder

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