Work Injury Bibb County Do I need a Lawyer

Every day in Bibb County* Alabama, someone suffers some type of work injury; while most of the incidents are minor in nature and require only one or two visits to the workers' compensation physician, it is not always easy to tell whether an injury is merely a sprained muscle or something which will require surgery. What you do immediately following any work injury could have long lasting results on you and any potential workers' compensation claim. With this in mind, in the next few blogs, we will be discussing one of the most asked questions we hear from injured workers-do I need a lawyer.

The first reason you may need to speak with an Alabama Work Injury Lawyer is because it is your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier who will be making the decisions about your medical care and compensation, not your employer. Countless times the attorneys at Powell and Denny have spoken with injured workers who repeatedly stated that they loved their job and that they were shocked when their claim for workers' compensation benefits were denied because they thought they were friends with their employer. We inform those injured workers that it is not their employer calling the shots in whether to deny or accept their workers' compensation claim; rather, it is the insurance company. Insurance companies are not flesh and blood people with feelings, they are businesses whose primary purpose is to make money, and that necessarily involves doing their best not to pay out every viable claim.

If you live in Centreville, Vance, Woodstock or anywhere in Bibb County and have suffered a work injury, but you have been informed that liability has been denied, don't give up. Call an experienced Alabama Work Injury lawyer; contact Powell and Denny.

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Work Injury Bibb County Do I need a Lawyer