Work Injury Bibb County Do I need a Lawyer

Every day in Bibb County* Alabama, someone suffers some type of work injury; while most of the incidents are minor in nature and require only one or two visits to the workers' compensation physician, it is not always easy to tell whether an injury is merely a sprained muscle or something which will require surgery. What you do immediately following any work injury could have long lasting results on you and any potential workers' compensation claim. With this in mind, we wrote a few blog discussing why you may need an Alabama Work Injury lawyer, if for no other reason than to ask questions, after you have suffered a work injury. Today is the last blog on this matter for the present.

MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK: A question we are always asked during our initial meeting with potential clients is "what are your fees?" We inform everyone that in accordance with Alabama's Workers' Compensation laws, we do not charge a fee unless your case settles or you are awarded workers' compensation benefits by the court at trial, and our fee only applies to the settlement or award of a permanent impairment-we do not take a fee off of you weekly temporary total disability benefits.

Pursuant to Alabama's Workers' Compensation Law, the attorney fee is capped at 15% of the settlement or court judgment. We are also entitled to reimbursement of our case expenses (costs of medical records, filing fees, deposition costs, etc.), which unlike some Alabama Workers' Compensation Lawyers, we do not collect unless your case settles or you were awarded workers' comp benefits by a judge. No up front costs are associated with your workers' compensation case, so you don't have to worry about our fee. Only one other state in the Union has lower fees for attorneys in workers' compensation claims, this is why most law firms do not handle many workers' compensation claims or have much experience in how to handle a case when things get difficult. At Powell and Denny, work injury claims have always been a priority and we have handled hundreds of cases throughout the State of Alabama.

If you live or work in Bibb Count and you or someone you care about has suffered a work injury and you have questions about your rights under Alabama's Workers' Compensation Law, do not hesitate to call an experienced Alabama Work Injury at Powell and Denny

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Work Injury Bibb County Do I need a Lawyer