Alabama Workers Compensation  Vocational Benefits

If you have been hurt at work and received medical treatment for your work related injury, eventually your authorized treating physician will state that you have recovered as much as you will from your job injury and that you are now at maximum medical improvement (MMI). Once you have reached maximum medical improvement, the treating physician will give an opinion as to whether you have sustained a permanent physical impairment as a result of your job injury. If you have not suffered a permanent injury, your case is essentially over, although your employer and their workers compensation insurance provider will remain responsible for any medical treatment you require in the future related to your job injury. If you have suffered a permanent injury to a non scheduled body part (head, neck, shoulders, back, hip, or if you have an injury which detrimentally effects the efficient functioning of your body) and you are no longer able to perform you past work or earn the same type of money you were making prior to your injury, then you are entitled to vocational benefits under Alabama's Workers' Compensation law.

Your vocational benefits allow you to request that your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier retrain you (if possible), or to obtain additional compensation for your loss of access to jobs now available to you in your post injury condition. It is extremely rare in our experience for the workers' compensation insurance carrier to inform the injured worker of their right to vocational benefits, and they are under no legal obligation to inform you of your rights as everyone is assumed to know the law.

If you have suffered a work injury and have sustained a permanent impairment which prevents you from returning to your old job or from making the same amount of money, and you have questions about vocational benefits under the Alabama Workers Compensation Act, the experienced Alabama Workers Compensation attorneys at Powell and Denny would be happy to speak with you.

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Alabama Workers Compensation  Vocational Benefits