Alabama Job Injury Spinal Fusion

As the result of an Alabama job injury your back was hurt and now your doctor says you need a spinal fusion surgery. What should you do? You should seriously consider speaking with an experienced Alabama Job Injury attorney as fusion is a serious surgical procedure, and you should be aware of what it is and how an attorney experienced with Alabama's Workers' Compensation Statue can help you.

Usually back surgery is a method of last resort or emergency, as doctors will attempt other conservative methods such as physical therapy and chiropractic care to encourage a disc to heal naturally before resorting to surgery. Similarly, a doctor or pain management specialist may try to alleviate the pain associated with spinal injuries with steroid injections. However, when these courses of treatment fail to provide adequate relief, fusion surgery may be recommended.

Fusions are one of the many different types of surgery used to treat back injuries and the pain associates with them. They are commonly prescribed to treat degenerative disc disease or recurrent disc herniations. The procedure involves joining two or more vertebrae together (fusing them) in order to decrease abnormal motion between the bones, and reduce or eliminate the pain associated with such motion; however, different doctors may diagnose the underlying back injury differently, or determine that it is not severe enough to warrant major surgery This differing of opinions can lead to disputes and delays in your care and treatment. If you doctor believes that a spinal fusion is necessary for your recovery from a work injury, a workers' compensation attorney can fight to make sure that you receive it. Furthermore, they can fight to ensure that you receive all other benefits you are entitled to.

If you have suffered a serious back injury as the result of a job accident and the surgeon is suggesting spinal fusion, please feel free to contact the Alabama Job Injury attorneys at Powell and Denny with your questions.

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Alabama Job Injury Spinal Fusion