Alabama Workers' Compensation Who is my Employer Temporary Laborer

If you work or were employed in Alabama and you have suffered an on the job injury*, you are most likely entitled to Alabama Workers' Compensation benefits (for more information on if you qualify for workers' compensation benefits-please see our blog entitled "Alabama Workers' Compensation Benefits Do I have a claim?)

You would probably be surprised at the number of times we have had battles over the issue of who exactly the injured employee's employer was, but it today's society of shared employees, temporary workers and business subsidiaries, it is not an atypical question.

The Code of Alabama defines an employer as "every person who employs another to perform a service for hire and pays wages directly to the person." The employer has the right to exercise control over what and when an employee does. What about when a person works for Manpower, Labor Ready, Automation Personnel Services, Snelling Staffing, Kelly Services or some other temporary service? In these situations, the temporary service merely sends the workers to a job site, and the people at the various sites exercise control over what the worker does, yet the temporary service pays the workers.

In Alabama, in these situations the Temporary Service is the workers' employer, and the company for whom the work is actually being performed is considered a "special employer" and therefore also liable for workers' compensation benefits and entitled to all the defenses and limitations afforded under the Alabama Workers' Compensation Statute. Often the temp service will have contracted to cover all job injury claims suffered by their employees on a job.

If you work through a Temporary Service and have suffered a job injury, but are being given a run around about whom is responsible for any workers' compensation benefits you might be entitled to, or if you just have some questions about workers' compensation benefits in Alabama, the Alabama Workers' Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny would be happy to speak with you.

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* also referred to by the following phrases: Injured at Work; Accident at Work, Workplace Injury, Work place accident, Workers' Compensation, Workers' Comp; Work Injury, Work Injuries, On the Job Injury, Injuries on the Job or Injured at Work.

Alabama Workers' Compensation Who is my Employer Temporary Laborer