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If you live in Birmingham Alabama, or anywhere in Jefferson County Alabama*, and you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits--don't give up-contact an experienced Birmingham Social Security Disability lawyer-especially if you believe that you are disabled due to the residual side effects from a stroke.

A stroke (also called a cerebrovascular accident or CVA by doctors) disrupts the flow of blood through your brain and can lead to brain damage. There are two main type of strokes; the most common type is an ischemic stroke and it is caused by the blockage of an artery in the brain (called a cerebral infarction). The other type is called a hemorrhagic stroke, and it occurs when a blood vessel leaks or bursts (called a cerebral hemorrhage).

The effects of strokes can vary widely, with some people sustaining a permanent impairment in their ability to speak, walk and with their vision, while some people do not suffer any permanent impairment. If you suffer permanent limitations which severely limit your ability to speak or write effectively, or causes you to have serious problems controlling the movement of your arms or legs, then the Social Security Administration should find that you are entitled to disability benefits. Additionally, if your permanent limitations are such that you can not return to any of your past relevant work nor maintain other suitable work, then a finding of disabled is warranted.

Suffering a stroke is devastating enough; you don't have to deal with the Social Security Administration alone. If you suffer from a stoke and have been denied Social Security Disability benefits and you live in Birmingham or in Jefferson County, don't give up. Call Powell and Denny today.

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Birmingham Social Security Disability Lawyer Stroke

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