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If you live in Central Alabama * and your claim for Social Security Disability benefits or SSI benefits was denied, don't give up, especially if your claim for disability benefits was based on a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Contact a Central Alabama Disability Lawyer.

Congestive heart failure (called chronic heart failure by the Social Security Administration) is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood throughout the body; consequently, the blood is not able to move easily through the circulatory system. The heart's ability to pump blood may be impaired by a variety of causes such as a heart attack or poorly controlled high blood pressure. The failure of the ventricles to pump blood efficiently results in blood accumulating in the heart, and enlargement of the ventricles. A person often will not have any chest pain associated with this condition.

The Social Security Administration states that a person suffering from congestive heart failure is entitled to disability benefits when a diagnosis of chronic heart failure has been made and the person suffers from either of the following:

A. Enlargement of the heart ( documented by a chest x-ray or a echocardiogram of the heart) , which result in the inability to carry on physical activity and with symptoms of inadequate cardiac output, lung congestion, systemic congestion or anginal syndrome at rest. Anginal syndrome is recurrent or persistent fatigue, anginal discomfort (chest pain due to not enough oxygen being available to meet the needs of the heart) , dyspnea (shortness of breath), orthopnea ( breathing is easier in the upright position, commonly in congestive heart failure the person has difficulty in breathing while lying down because their lungs fill with fluid); or

B. Enlargement of the heart or ventricle dysfunction, abnormal ventricle wall motion, or left ventricular ejection fraction of 30% of less of normal. In addition the worker must be unable to perform at a certain level on an exercise test due to symptoms of chronic heart failure due or failure to increase his systolic blood pressure by certain amount or to decrease his systolic blood pressure below the usual resting level; or signs of inadequate circulation such as unsteadiness on the feet or mental confusion. And;

The person has marked limitation of physical activity with such symptoms as fatigue, irregular heart beats, dyspnea, or anginal discomfort on ordinary activity, even though the person is comfortable while resting. In addition, even where the symptoms of congestive heart failure alone are not sufficient for a finding of disability in and of itself, the side effects-when taken into consideration with other medical or mental problems, may entitle the person to disability benefits.

If you or a loved one suffers from congestive heart failure and you are attempting to obtain social security disability benefits, an experienced Central Alabama Disability lawyer could make the difference in being awarded the disability benefits you need and being denied once again. If you have questions about your appeal, please do not hesitate to contact Powell and Denny

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Congestive Heart Failure Central Alabama Disability Lawyer

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