Coosa County Alabama Hurt on the Job What is Workers' Compensation

If you work in Coosa County, Alabama* and have been hurt on the job**, you may be entitled to benefits under Alabama's Workers' Compensation Laws. Many people have heard the phrase "workers' compensation," but they are not really sure what it refers to.  Workers' compensation claims arise from situations where workers are hurt at work, and workers' comp claims are not like other personal injury claims. In most personal injury claims a person can ask a jury for money to cover a multitude of things, including money for pain and suffering. For the most part, these damages are not available to Alabama workers who are hurt on the job. Workers who were hurt on the job in Alabama are restricted to recovery based upon the Alabama Workers' Compensation Statute.

Alabama's Workers' Compensation Statute gets rid of liability based on fault in job related injuries and approaches the injury in a no-fault manner. Instead of an injured worker having to prove that his employer was negligent in some duty owed him, all a worker has to show is that (i) he/she suffered were hurt at work (ii) while performing their job duties and (iii) that timely notice of said injury was provided to their employer. If a worker can show this, then their employer must pay for (a) all of the workers' reasonably necessary medical treatment, (b) reimburse the worker for mileage in driving back and forth for medical treatment or to receive medications; (c) pay the worker 2/3rds of their average weekly wage when off work pursuant to the advice of a physician treating them for their job injuries and (d) pay compensation to the injured worker for any permanent physical impairment sustained as a result of an on-the-job injury.

If you live or work in Coosa County Alabama and you were hurt on the job and have questions about your rights under Alabama's Workers' Compensation Law, the experienced Alabama Work Injury attorneys at Powell and Denny would be happy to speak with you.

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* Includes the cities and towns of: Equality, Goodwater, Kellyton, Rockford, Stewartsville, Weogufka, Mount Olive, Nixbury, Cottage Grove, Hissop.

** also referred to by the following phrases: Injured at Work; Accident at Work, Workplace Injury, Work place accident, Workers' Compensation, Workers' Comp; Work Injury, Work Injuries, On the Job Injury, Injuries on the Job or Injured at Work.

Coosa County Alabama Hurt on the Job What is Workers' Compensation