Denied Disability Benefits Center Point Alabama Meniere's Disease

If you live in Center Point Alabama, or anywhere in the Metro Birmingham Alabama* area and suffer from Meniere's Disease, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

Meniere's Disease is a disorder of the inner ear which causes spontaneous bouts of vertigo (spinning, dizziness where you loose your balance for periods of time-creating nausea), along with hearing loss (often permanent), ringing in the ear (tinnitus) and possibly a feeling of pressure in the effected ear (called aural fullness).

Meniere's Disease is one of the impairments listed by the Social Security Administration as a disabling condition in Listing 2.07 (Special Senses and Speech) when the symptoms are characterized by a medically documented history of frequent attacks of balance disturbance, tinnitus and progressive hearing loss to the extent that it prevents the suffer from engaging in their past relevant work or other substantial gainful employment.

If you live in Center Point, or anywhere in the metro Birmingham region, and suffer from Meniere's Disease, but your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits was denied (or your claim for SSI Benefits), don't give up. Contact an experienced Alabama Disability Lawyer to help you with your appeal. The Alabama Disability attorneys at Powell and Denny would be happy to speak with you about your claim.

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Denied Disability Benefits Center Point Alabama Meniere's Disease

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