Blount County Alabama Workers' Compensation Medical Questions

If you work in Blount County Alabama* and have suffered an injury at work, you are most likely entitled to benefits under Alabama's Workers' Comp Law. Part of your rights under our Worker' Compensation Law includes your medical treatment.

Under Alabama's Workers' Compensation Law, your employer is responsible for paying any and all "reasonably necessary" medical treatment related to your job injury, but often injured workers find that they are not satisfied with the medical treatment the physician worker's compensation tells them they have to see. In this situation, Alabama's Workers' Compensation Law allows the injured worker to request a Panel of Four so the injured worker can choose a new treating physician. The Panel of Four is just what it sounds like, the workers' compensation insurance carrier will provide a panel of four physician from which the injured worker can choose a new treating physician.

The problem with most injured workers is that they have no idea whom to choose and they are afraid of choosing a doctor who will merely say what the workers' compensation insurance wants them to say instead of treating their work related injury. This is where an experienced Alabama Work Injury lawyer can be invaluable. The experience Job Injury Lawyers at Powell and Denny have over 40 years of combined experience handling workers' compensation claims in Alabama and we have dealt with a vast array of doctors who treat injured workers in Alabama and with our experience we can help steer you to the physician best suited to treat your injuries.

If you work in Alabama and have suffered an injury at work and are dissatisfied with the doctor workers' compensation has told you to see, or if you have received a Panel of Four and have no idea whom to choose, the experienced Job Injury lawyers at would be happy to have the chance to help you.

If you live in Blount County, Alabama, have suffered an injury at work and you have questions about your rights, the experienced Alabama Workers' Compensation Injury attorneys at Powell and Denny would be happy to speak with you about your case and help get you the medical treatment you need to get better.

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* includes the cities and towns of: Allgood, Altoona, Blountsville, Cleveland, County Line, Garden City, Hayden, Highland Lake, Locust Fork, Nectar, Oneonta, Rosa, Smoke rise, Snead, Susan Moore, Warrior.

** Also referred to as: Injury at Work, Injured at Work; Hurt at Work, Hurt on the Job, Workplace Injury, Work place accident, Workers' Compensation, Workers' Comp; Work Injury, Work Injuries, On the Job Injury, Injuries on the Job, Job Accident, Job place Injury.

Blount County Alabama Workers' Compensation Medical Questions