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In many of our Social Security Blogs we have discussed various Listings found in the Code of Federal Regulations which spell out in some specifics what symptoms a person applying for disability must exhibit in order to obtain disability benefits for certain impairments. Over the next few blog entries, we thought we would list specific listings word for word for you to review. We hope this is beneficial to you.

The next impairment we will list is found in Listing 4.02; Chronic Heart Failure.

Chronic heart failure while on a regimen of prescribed treatment, with one of the following:

A. Documented cardiac enlargement by appropriate imaging techniques (e.g., a cardiothoracic ratio of greater than 0.50 on a PA chest x-ray with good inspiratory effort or left ventricular diastolic diameter of greater than 5.5 cm on two- dimensional echocardiography), resulting in inability to carry on any physical activity, and with symptoms of inadequate cardiac output, pulmonary congestion, systemic congestion, or anginal syndrome at rest (e.g., recurrent or persistent fatigue, dyspnea, orthopnea, anginal discomfort:;


B. Documented cardiac enlargment by appropriate imaging techniques or ventricular dysfunction manifested by S3, abnormal wall motion, or left ventricular ejection fracrtion of 30 percent or less by appropriate imaging techniques; and

1. Inability to perform on an exercise test at a workload equivalent to 5 METs or less due to symptoms of chronic heart failure, o, in rare instances, a need to stop exercise testing at less than this level of work because of:

a. Three or more consecutive ventricular premature beats or three or more multiform beats; or

b. Failure to increase systolic blood pressure by 10 mmHg, or decrease in systolic pressure below the usual resting level; or

c. Signs attributable to inadequate cerebral perfusion, such as ataxic gait or mental confusion; and

2. Resulting in marked limitation of physical activity, as demonstrated by fatigue, palpitation, dyspnea, or anginal discomfort on ordinary physical activity, even though the individual is comfortable at test; or

C. Cor pulmonale fulfilling the criteria in 4.02A.

If live in Bessemer and your claim for Social Security Disability benefits based on chronic heart failure or congestive heart failure was denied; don't give up- Appeal the decision. Many people believe that their initial application was reviewed in detail and that a denial of benefits means that they are not entitled to benefits, so they forgo taking any steps to appeal the denial; this is a mistake. The majority of persons who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are denied after their initial application. Often the Social Security Administration makes their initial decision without receiving all your medical records and the Administration simply does not have the resources to contact your main treating physicians to ask the detailed questions needed concerning your condition(s). The fact is that your best chance at being awarded disability benefits is after your appeal.

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