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If you live in Guntersville Alabama and have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, or SSI benefits, don't give up-contact Powell and Denny The Alabama Disability attorneys at Powell and Denny have 40 years of combined experience at handling disability claims throughout Alabama. Our disability attorneys have successfully represented disabled workers and children suffering from numerous disabling conditions, including:

Back Disorders                   Traumatic Head Injury                     Cancer

Major Joint Problems            Chronic Heart Disease                     Depression

Chronic Heart Failure           Anxiety                                         PTSD

Schizophrenia                    Coronary Artery Disease                   Asthma

Bi-Polar Disorder                 Mental Retardation                          COPD

Diabetes                           Sickle Cell Disease                           Epilepsy

Hepatitis                           Cystic Fibrosis                                HIV

Leukemia                           Multiple Sclerosis                            Blindness

Myasthenia Gravis               Neurofibromatosis                           RSD

If you live in Guntersville, Alabama (or anywhere in Marshall County, Alabama*) and have been denied Social Security Disability or SSI benefits but believe that you are disabled, don't give up. Contact an experienced Alabama Disability attorneys at Powell and Denny. Our attorneys would be happy to speak with you about your application for disability benefits or help you with your appeal.

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Offices in Huntsville, AL and Birmingham, Alabama

* includes Albertville, Arab, Boaz, Douglas, Grant, Horton, Union Grove, Hyatt, Scant City, Warrenton, Painter, Eddy, Kilpartick

Alabama Disability Attorneys GUNTERSVILLE