Alabama Workman's Comp Lawyer Hurt off the Clock

In several of our previous blogs we have discussed Alabama's Workers' Compensation Statute, and the right workers who were hurt at work are entitled to in Alabama. In this post, I will discuss a question the Alabama Workman's Comp lawyers at Powell and Denny have encountered several times. What rights do you have if your job injury occurred before you have clocked in or after you have clocked out?

Often injured workers have called our office to inform us that they slipped and fell just prior to clocking in or shortly after clocking out; they were informed that since they were not "on the clock," they were not entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Understandably, many injured workers believe this is the case, but whether the worker who was hurt at work was hurt off the clock is not dispositive of the issue.

Alabama Workman's Comp benefits are not limited solely to workers who were hurt at work while they were on the clock. Under Alabama's Workers' Compensation law, "'employment is not limited by the actual time when the workman reaches the scene of his labor and begins it nor when he ceases, but includes a reasonable time, space, and opportunity before and after while he is at or near his place of employment. One of the tests is whether the workman is still on the premises of his employer. It was further stated that an employee's completing his actual service for the workday and preparing to leave the employer's premises at a suitable interval of time thereafter are acts naturally related and incidental to the course of employment.'" Cook v. AFC Enterprises, Inc., 826 So.2d 174, 177-178 (Ala.Civ.App.2002)(quoting from Thompson v. Anserall, Inc., 522 So.2d 284, 286 (Ala.Civ.App.1988).

So, if were hurt at work while not being "on the clock," but you were engaged in activity related to your job, including getting ready to begin work or preparing to leave work, then you may be entitled to workman's compensation benefits. If you have questions as to whether you are entitled to workman's comp benefits, the Alabama Workman's Comp lawyers at Powell and Denny would be happy to speak with you.

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Alabama Workman's Comp Lawyer Hurt off the Clock