Alabama Workers Compensation Law

Some more definitions from the Act itself

Section 25-5-1


Alabama Workers Compensation Law

(15) PREVAILING. The most commonly occurring reimbursements for health services, other than those provided by federal and state programs for the elderly (Medicare) and economically disadvantaged (Medicaid). "Prevailing" shall include not only amounts per procedure code, but also commonly used adjudication rules as applied to multiple procedures, global procedures, use of assistant surgeons, and others as appropriate. For hospitals, "prevailing" rate of reimbursement or payment shall be established by the method contained in Section 25-5-77.

(16) PARTICIPATING AND NONPARTICIPATING HOSPITALS. Those hospitals that have a negotiated rate of reimbursement or payment with the Department of Industrial Relations. "Nonparticipating hospitals" means those hospitals that have not negotiated a rate of reimbursement or payment with the Department of Industrial Relations.

(17) HOSPITAL. A hospital, ambulatory surgical center, outpatient rehabilitation center licensed by the State of Alabama, and diagnostic facilities accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

(18) THE COURT. The circuit court that would have jurisdiction in an ordinary civil action involving a claim for the injuries or death in question, and "the judge" means a judge of that court.

(19) UTILIZATION REVIEW. The determination of medical necessity for medical and surgical in-hospital, out-patient, and alternative settings treatments for acute and rehabilitation care. It includes precertification for elective treatments. Concurrent review and, if necessary, retrospective review are required for emergency cases.

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