Alabama Workers Compensation Law

Some more definitions from the Act itself

Section 25-5-1


(9) INJURY. "Injury and personal injury" shall mean only injury by accident arising out of and in the course of the employment, and shall not include a disease in any form, except for an occupational disease or where it results naturally and unavoidably from the accident. Injury shall include physical injury caused either by carpal tunnel syndrome disorder or by other cumulative trauma disorder if either disorder arises out of and in the course of the employment, and breakage or damage to eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, or other prosthetic devices which function as part of the body, when injury to them is incidental to an on-the-job injury to the body. Injury does not include an injury caused by the act of a third person or fellow employee intended to injure the employee because of reasons personal to him or her and not directed against him or her as an employee or because of his or her employment. Injury does not include a mental disorder or mental injury that has neither been produced nor been proximately caused by some physical injury to the body.

(10) SINGULAR and PLURAL. Wherever the singular is used, the plural shall be included.

(11) GENDER. Where the masculine gender is used, the feminine and neuter shall be included.

(12) LOSS OF HAND OR FOOT. Amputation between the elbow and wrist shall be considered as the equivalent to the loss of a hand, and the amputation between the knee and ankle shall be considered as the equivalent of the loss of a foot.

(13) PROVIDERS. A medical clinic, pharmacist, dentist, chiropractor, psychologist, podiatrist, physical therapist, pharmaceutical supply company, rehabilitation service, or other person or entity providing treatment, service, or equipment, or person or entity providing facilities at which the employee receives treatment.

(14) MEDICAL. All services, treatment, or equipment provided by a provider

Alabama Workers Compensation Law

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