Alabama Workers Compensation Law

Some definitions from the Act itself

Section 25-5-1


Throughout this chapter, the following words and phrases as used therein shall be considered to have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context shall clearly indicate a different meaning in the connection used:

(1) COMPENSATION. The money benefits to be paid on account of injury or death, as provided in Articles 3 and 4. The recovery which an employee may receive by action at law under Article 2 of this chapter is termed "recovery of civil damages," as provided for in Sections 25-5-31 and 25-5-34. "Compensation" does not include medical and surgical treatment and attention, medicine, medical and surgical supplies, and crutches and apparatus furnished an employee on account of an injury.

(2) CHILD or CHILDREN. The terms include posthumous children and all other children entitled by law to inherit as children of the deceased; stepchildren who were members of the family of the deceased, at the time of the accident, and were dependent upon him or her for support; a grandchild of the deceased employee, whose father is dead or is an invalid, and who was supported by and a member of the family of the deceased grandparent at the time of the accident.

(3) DEPENDENT CHILD or ORPHAN. An unmarried child under the age of 18 years or one over that age who is physically or mentally incapacitated from earning.

(4) EMPLOYER. Every person who employs another to perform a service for hire and pays wages directly to the person. The term shall include a service company for a self-insurer or any person, corporation, copartnership, or association, or group thereof, and shall, if the employer is insured, include his or her insurer, the insurer being entitled to the employer's rights, immunities, and remedies under this chapter, as far as applicable. The inclusion of an employer's insurer within the term shall not provide the insurer with immunity from liability to an injured employee, or his or her dependent in the case of death to whom the insurer would otherwise be subject to liability under Section 25-5-11. Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter, in no event shall a common carrier by motor vehicle operating pursuant to a certificate of public convenience and necessity be deemed the "employer" of a leased-operator or owner-operator of a motor vehicle or vehicles under contract to the common carrier.

Alabama Workers Compensation Law

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