Best Social Security Lawyer Tips for Birmingham, Alabama

Here are some more tips that apply to doing your best at a social security hearing in Alabama and elsewhere.


1. Social security hearings are usually informal matters; they

are hearings, not trials.

2. No one is there to oppose you or cross-examine you as

they would at a trial.

3. There are usually only four or five people in the room at

the time of the hearing, and you and your lawyer are two

of those people.

4. The other people present are usually a judge's assistant

and an expert to testify about what jobs you can do.

5. The hearings often are held in small rooms and last on

average 30 minutes to an hour.

6. In most cases, you know all the answers to any question

that will be asked because you and your life are the subject

of the hearing. As we often tell our clients, "You know

more about this case than the judge does, because it's all

about things that happened to you, not the judge."

7. Most judges are sympathetic to the situation you are in

and usually try to make it as easy for you as possible.

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Best Social Security Lawyer Tips for Birmingham, Alabama