Dr. Bruce Romeo

What have we to say about Dr. Bruce Romeo? Occassionally on this site we publish warnings regarding the doctors that we thinks are the most slanted in their opinions regarding work related injuries and disabilities. 

Just like with Dr. Turnley, there are reviews on various sites on the internet that will give you the flavor of an appointment with Dr. Romeo.

We have nothing personel against him, but it is clear from the numerous records of his that we have reviewed and the numerous complaints we have received from clients, that he should not be someone that you think will evaluate your disability in a manner that will favor you. 

We are not saying that Dr. Romeo is not well educated or that even that he is not a well trained doctor, what we are saying is that he clearly has an agenda.

If you have Dr. Bruce Romeo listed on a panel of four we suggest you do not choose him.  Making a choice of doctors off a panel of four is dicey at best. You are usually given four doctors that are likely to favor the company, but some of them will favor the company more. It is our opinion that he is one of these doctors that will favor the company more.

It has come to our attention that he is doing evaluations for social security as well. 

We really don't enjoy putting up these type of post but we think it is best for the uninformed to know the problems they might run into, if they choose a doctor off a panel just because he is close to their house.