Best Social Security Lawyer Tips for Birmingham, Alabama

Since we stopped publishing Social Security Saturday and Social Security Sunday, we have had a number of request to revisit issues that deal with what it is like to have a social security claim.

I do most of my work in the Birmingham, Alabama office so I am going to do a series of post that give you my best tips for that specific office.

When you first go down to the office you will find parking can be a bit of a challenge. It is a good thing to know that there is public parking for social security applicants on the side of the building.  But be forewarned it is a long walk up into the front door.

At the front door you will be asked to sign in and will be given a sticker.  You will have to step through a metal detector as well. Since this is a federal building there is significant security.

To your left is the hearing office. You will notify them that you are present. At this point either you will meet with your attorney prior to the hearing. The area is small and you should be careful regarding making any comments to your attorney or others as it is easy to overhear comments in this waiting area.

We will continue this subject and explore hearings in other cities as well in future posts.

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Best Social Security Lawyer Tips for Birmingham, Alabama