Best Social Security Lawyer Tips for Birmingham, Alabama

Here is an excerpt from our book that covers tips that apply not just in Birmingham, but to hearings all over the state.


1. If you are disabled for one year or more, you may be entitled

to benefits even if later you return to work. This is

referred to as a closed-period case.

2. Your workers' compensation claim may end up having a

significant impact on what you can receive from social

security. This is why it is a good idea to consult someone

who does both workers' compensation and social security.

3. It is possible to earn small amounts of money and keep

your benefits. Social Security allows this to encourage

people to test the waters to see if they might return to fullduty


4. Large numbers of truly disabled people are denied their

claims every year. Most of those people win their cases

only after they go to a hearing before a social security


5. Most of the time you are not told whether you have won or

lost a hearing at the hearing. You must wait for a decision

from the judge.

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Best Social Security Lawyer Tips for Birmingham, Alabama

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