What are Temporary Total Disability Benefits (ttd) in Alabama? Temporary total disability benefits (TTD benefits) is the name given to the workers' compensation check a worker who was injured at work receives during the period of time they are unable to work due to the injuries they received.

TTD benefits have three defining attributes. First, as has already been stated, temporary total disability benefits are payable during the time the injured worker is recovering from their job injury and are unable to work. Unlike benefits for a permanent impairment, there is no maximum number of weeks which an injured worker may received ttd benefits; they are entitled to them until the date they reach maximum medical improvement (an injured worker is said to have reached "maximum medical improvement [mmi] when there is no further medical care or treatment that could reasonably be anticipated to lessen their disability.)

Secondly, ttd benefits provides total monetary relief to an injured worker under the Act in that, unlike in the case of temporary partial disability, no reduction is made to the payable compensation based upon that worker's residual earning capacity.

Third, TTD benefits are temporary in nature in that they are payable only during a worker's recovery period; the Act envisions that permanent-disability benefits, if appropriate, be paid to an employee after he or she reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI).

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