Birmingham Social Security Hearing Lawyer Tips Sunday Edition

These posts will be a continuation of the posts we began as Social Security Saturday and Sunday.

Social Security Sunday is our continuing series of hints, tips and generally what to expect at your Social Security hearing. Mr. Powell and Mr. Denny have done literally hundreds of these hearings in Birmingham, Huntsville and all major cities across the state.

Social Security Sunday tip for the week: Per last Sunday's blog posting, we will be exploring reasons you should not be scared about going to a social security hearing.  The primary reason you should not be scared of going to a hearing as you are the person who knows the most about your conditions and the pains and problems you are suffering.  As long as you are telling the judge the truth about your problems you have absolutely nothing to fear. If you have a lawyer and doctor on your side and you are telling the truth, it is diffcult for the hearing to go wrong.  It does not mean you will automatically win your case, but it does mean you have nothing to fear. 

Social Security hearings are This link Social Security will take you to our webite where you can learn more about Social Security or contact us directly to ask questions.

We try to respond to these messages as quickly as possible, but we always tell our client's and prospective client's to call with any questions they may have.

You can also check back tomorrow for more information on disability hearing claims as we post something almost everyday. If you have a hearing coming up and you our one of our current client's we encourage you to look at these posts as a reminder of what we have discussed with you when you were in the office.

Just look under the proper category and you will see all the posts on these topics grouped together. That way you can find all the best hints and tips in one place.

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That does it for this weeks "Birmingham Social Security Hearing Lawyer Tips Sunday Edition."