If you have an Alabama disability claim whether you have a workers' compensation claim or a social security claim we can help.

Go to myalabamadisability or My Alabama Disability or better yet Powell and Denny.com

If you type in

myalabamadisability or My Alabama Disability

that should take you to our website or you can just go to Powell and Denny to get a copy of our new book.

Our book on Alabama workers' compensation and Social Security was written by us for you. We wrote the book ourselves. We wrote it based on the experiences we have had doing this type of law in Birmingham, Hunstville and all over north Alabama for the last twenty years. In fact it took us the better part of a year to put together the information in the book. We hope we made it long enough to be worth your while, yet brief enough so as you can read it. Rest assured "We wrote the book" and did not have ghost writers do it for us.

We hope this book will provide you with information that will help people in Alabama get a better idea of what they face when they become unable to work either through an on the job work injury or some disease or other type of injury.

You will be seeing our commercials soon and you can return to this blog to find out more information on how to get a copy one of our books. The name of the book is my Alabama Disabilty claim and it will be up on Amazon in the next few days. The first run of copies will be printed this week.

myalabamadisability or My Alabama Disability

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