Five Things Work Comp and Social Security Clients Have in Common

Five Things  is another excerpt from our forthcoming book on Alabama Workers' Compensation and Disability Law.  The name of the book is "My Alabama Disability Claim" William Powell and Greg Denny are the authors.  The section is at the front of the book and it deals with the similarites in disabillity cases.Comp and Social Security.

Meeting with a Disability Lawyer

Most people meet with a lawyer maybe once or twice in their entire

lives. When you meet with a lawyer on a case where you are

no longer able to work, you should expect to meet with someone

who is knowledgeable about disability claims. Two of the most

common types of disability claims are workers' compensation

claims and social security claims. At our law firm here in Alabama,

we do only those types of cases that relate to workers' compensation

or social security. We focus on these two types of cases

because they are similar. Most people who come in for either type

of case have a lot of things in common:

1. They are use to working.

2. They can no longer work and are disabled, either temporarily

or permanently.

3. They are worried about how they are going to pay their


4. They are worried about what will happen if they lose their

case and they are still unable to work.

5. They are worried about long-term medical treatment for

their injury or disease.

Powell and Denny: We work when you can't.