Dr. Michelle Turnley: A visit to the Pain Doctor

If you are injured in an accident on the job in Birmingham, Alabama there is good chance that at some point you will here the name Dr. Michelle Turnley. She is a pain managment doctor who treats an inordinate amount of workers' compensation clients.

Dr. Turnley is very popular with workers' compensation insurance carriers because it seems that most of the clients she see's have outcomes that result in very low recoveries.  

A lot of our clients  have been sent to Dr. Turnley over the years, but this not by their choice. Dr. Turnley is ususally chosen by the work comp insurance carrier.

If you have heard the name Dr. Michelle Turnley in conjuction with your workplace injury you may need to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. The law allows you to choose from a list of four doctors and choose a new doctor in some circumstances.  

While we are not commenting on Dr. Turnley's medical abilities or expertise,  it is empirically undeniable that workers' compensation insurance companies provide her with a lot of business.  An insurer or employer who chooses to send you to Dr. Turnely is probably familiar with this fact.  If your are set up to see Dr. Michelle Turnely for your visit to  the pain doctor you might want to be even more careful from that point forward.

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Dr. Michelle Turnley: A visit to the Pain Doctor

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