Powell and Denny has finished its Alabama Workers' Compensation and Social Security book and sent it in for publication.  Below is an excerpt from our disability book:

My Workers' Compensation and Social Security Case

This book was written with the injured/disabled person in mind. We chose the title and the theme of this book because this is your case. No matter how good a lawyer you hire, your injuries and disabilities are your own, and you are the one who has to live with them. If you decide to hire a lawyer, you should find a lawyer who keeps this in mind. Much of this book will discuss what we know about Alabama workers' compensation and social security cases, but even though this book tells you a lot about us, and we have both handled thousands of these types of cases, we are not the ones who are injured. There is a good chance that, if you are reading this book, either you or a family member is currently disabled and making a claim. At our firm, the way we look at it is that we're helping you with your claim. We hope that spirit comes through, because this book was written to help you understand your claim. And while your claim may be only a workers' compensation claim or only a social security claim, we hope to show you how hiring a lawyer who does both social security and workers' compensation can be an advantage to winning either type of claim you have.

Our disability book should be available for review before the end of the summer.  For now more information can be found at: http://www.powellanddenny.com/