Imagine you are in a car accident while you are on the job.  You are injured and taken to a hospital.  Who will pay? Your own insurance, your employer's insurance, the other driver;s insurance? 

These type of questions can get very tricky. Under Alabama law the answer is probably, all of them.   All of these insurance carriers have responsibility in one form or another.  Workmans' compensation cases that arise from these type of scenarios can get even more complicated, if the other driver was hurt  or if he or she was on the job. 

Some of these same issues can arise even if you aren't the one who was at work. If the other driver was at work, he or she may have complicating factors that appear in his or her case and these factors may effect how you get paid.

Some of the more complicated cases we have handled as lawyers have arisen in these type of cases.  Even if you don't really want to hire a lawyer in a case of this type, you should probably at the very least consult with one.  The law on these cases has changed several times over the years and it makes them harder to address than the run of the mill car accident fender bender.  

If you were involved in a car accident on the job, there is a good chance a lawyer will have to be involved at some point in the process.  It is usually best to contact someone early and have them review the police report as soon as possible, because the insurance carriers in these type of cases tend to do their investigations very quickly.Car Accidents on the job