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Every day in the metro Birmingham Alabama area*, a worker suffers some type of job injury. While most of the incidents are minor in nature and require only one or two visits to the workers' compensation physician, it is not always easy to tell whether an injury is merely a sprained muscle or something which will require surgery. What you do immediately following any job injury could have long lasting results on you and any potential workers' compensation claim. With this in mind, we will be discussing why you may need a Birmingham Alabama Workers' Compensation Attorney, if for no other reason then to ask questions after you have suffered a job injury.

NOTICE: If you believe that you have suffered an on the job injury, please be sure to report said injury as soon as possible-even if you do not believe it is serious. Often an injured worker is not sure if they have suffered a serious injury or just a sprain, so they do not report the injury at first, but only later file a workers' compensation injury report when their pain refuses to go away. We have spoken to numerous people throughout Alabama who have called our office after being informed by workers comp or their employer that they had waited too long to report/give notice of their job injury and therefore they are not entitled to any workers' compensation benefits. This is rarely true and is often an intentional lie.

While it is true that according to Ala.Code ยง25-5-78, an injured workers is supposed to provide written notice of a workplace injury within 5 days of the on-the-job injury, but this section goes on to state that a worker has up to 90 days in which to inform his employer about a job injury. An oral report is just as valid a notice means as a detailed written report. Company policy cannot override law, so if your employer states that " policy mandates that all workers' compensation injuries be reported within 2 days of the occurrence of said injury and since you did not do so you are not eligible for workers' compensation benefits " -they mistaken. Having stated this, it is always best to report a potential job injury as soon as possible.

If you have suffered a job injury, but you have been informed that liability has been denied, don't give up. Call the experienced Birmingham Workers Compensation Lawyers at Powell and Denny

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