The Alabama Department of Industrial Relations deals with a number of workers' compensation issues and even has a workers' compensation division.  While the Board is an arm of Alabama State government, in our experience it leans heavily toward favoring Alabama employers over employees.  This short post will introduce you to the topic, but we will be talking more on the Alabama Industrial Relations Department in the near future.

Some of the information placed on the The Alabama Department of Industrial Relations webpage is misleading and in at least one case our firm had to lobby the Deparment to get them to change information that was blatantly incorrect.

Take any information you get from that page with a grain of salt.  Having said that, the Board is responsible for running the ombudsman program.  This program can help you resolve your case, but even when an ombudsman is involved it is a good idea to consult an attorney.

Not all ombudsman are created equal.  In an upcoming post we will explore the mediation process and the involvement of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations in that process.

Mediation, Ombudsmen and the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations  maybe phrases and terms you have never heard of before, but if you have a new workers' compensation claim  they are phrases they may become a part of your life.

Go to our website to find more information regarding Alabama Workers' Compensation law. Be careful in relying on information you get from the Board.

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